Sunday, 19 June 2016

Lazy, lazy girl

I'll level with you: I'm a lazy, lazy girl.

I have this blog and I have a twitter account... but it turns out that my expectation when setting both of these up that I would update them regularly was optimistic at best, utterly deluded at worst.

Just finding time to write actual stories is hard enough... but time to write about writing stories? No way. Sorry... just no.

I could give you lots of seemingly valid excuses. In fact, here are some right now:
  • I work full time (in my 'real job')
  • I commute for roughly 2 hours per day
  • I have a family and a dog to love, care for and - when necessary - hassle into brushing their teeth (not so much the dog)
  • I have a house to keep... if not clean, then certainly safe for human habitation
  • I have friends, hobbies and other people's stories that I want to devote some of my time to
  • And finally, not to over-share but... you may have gathered that I also like to have kinky sex once in a while... and that shit can take planning
So you see? Busy busy busy...


No, I can't lie to you. These are all just excuses. The real reason is that I'm lazy. Because you know what? Here are some things that I *do* find time for:
  • Checking Facebook (upwards of 50 times per day)
  • Brainstorming ways that I could stop looking at facebook without actually having to close my account
  • Searching for houses on Rightmove that I will *never* (without a lottery win) be able to afford
  • Daydreaming about where I might be able to fit a rolltop bath in our tiny house
  • Watching (and then re-watching) honest trailers
  • Trawling through page after page of articles and article comments on the Guardian website 
  • Googling UK holiday cottages that have rolltop baths and/or a woodburner and/or a pervertible history (e.g. former Victorian school, former workhouse, former prison, etc etc) and then fantasising about going on holiday there
  • Making vague plans for how me and my family would survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland
  • Obsessing over this bus
Productive, huh?

So I'm thinking... if I could stop doing all of the above, I would surely have more than enough time to not only write more stories but also to do more writing about writing stories.


Told you I was optimistic... ;-)

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