Tuesday, 18 April 2017

At your service

Oh God, I love maiding. Being a good girl, making the house all pretty, radiating grace and compliance... doing what I'm told, wearing what I'm told, sucking what I'm told...


Sorry, not sure where that all came from...


One of the main differences I have found between writing vanilla fiction and writing erotica is that my goal is not the same. With my vanilla stories, my goal is to tell a good story and to make my readers feel something: be that horror, amusement, sorrow, shock or any other of the range of emotions we possess. The story is a reward within itself: it has no other purpose than to be a story and to entertain.

With my Gracie Malling stories, my goal is to make my reader have an orgasm (or preferably several). So while there will be non-sexual elements to the story, they must not get in the way of the ultimate goal (i.e. the having of (hopefully explosive) orgasms). They can provide back story, context, setting, whatever but they must not interfere with the building of tension or the heightening of desire.

In this way, writing erotica really feeds into my service kink (you may not have noticed but I have a bit of a thing for maiding...) because I am writing for your pleasure and not mine. There may be moments in the story where I wish to add in some darkness or a twist or a crisis - moments I would not hesitate to exploit when writing vanilla fiction - but if it is going to disrupt the slow, trembling climb towards release for my readers then it has to go.

When I am maiding, I will sacrifice my own comfort and/or dignity for the pleasure of my master or mistress. When I am writing, I will sacrifice my own writerly whims for the pleasure of my readers.

*Happy sigh*

You're welcome ;-).

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