Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Extreme Mindfulness

After a busy few days of lots of playing (and lots of cuddles and sitting in sunny gardens and tourist-ing), I am feeling very lovely and blissful and chilled.

*Happy sigh*

As someone who can get stressed and who sometimes finds life a bit challenging, I've often wondered what it is about spanking and BDSM play that makes me feel so utterly blissed out.

And then I realised:  BDSM is basically just an extreme form of mindfulness.

Don't believe me? Well, look at the picture above and then compare it with this one:

I mean, are they really so different??

Right, well this is how I see it (feel free to disagree!):

Corner time = meditation

Impact play (including spanking) = focusing on nothing but the present moment (which is pretty much the definition of mindfulness)

Maiding = being of service (which is an element of quite a few meditation retreats)

Bondage = basically yoga with added rope

Sex = sex (because sex is just awesome whatever!)

See? No wonder I feel so good... :-).

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