Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My name is Gracie Malling and I am a spanking novel addict

It started with a kindle.

It was a present. An unwanted present, to be honest. Last summer. For my 28th birthday.

I had always been resistant to kindles. Because, y'know, I love books. Real books. I love the feel and the smell of them. I love the look of them, all mismatched and crinkled lined up in crooked rows on my bookcase. I love enraging Mr M by turning over the corners of pages rather than using a bookmark...

So this kindle is presented to me and I smile and say 'thanks so much' because that's just the nice kind of person I am but I absolutely, positively have *no intention* of actually paying to download anything.

I decide to download a couple of free books though because why not? They're still there now in fact: Frankenstein, Northanger Abbey, Metamorphosis, to name but a few.

All free.

All unread.

Because not long after this kindle appeared in my life, I discovered what I had been missing by clinging so tightly to paper books: decent novel-length spanking porn.

I have known for many years now where to look online for lovely short stories (not least this brilliant site) but my one foray into actually buying a paper book had been a massive disappointment. I won't go into detail but will just say that it was both poorly written and not hot which is a pretty rubbish combination.

So discovering a veritable mine of fucking-hell-I-need-to-fan-myself hot spanking e-books just waiting in the kindle store was a revelation. My misgivings about my new kindle vanished within a few minutes of purchasing my first book.

And now? Well, my kindle is basically kink heaven. That is its function and any 'regular' books have long been crowded out and consigned to the back of a (very long) queue. I have downloaded books by this writer, this writer and a *ridiculous amount* by this writer. I keep finding new authors, new e-books, new samples that are so good I just have to go and download the whole thing...

When Mr M started telling me off, I just stopped telling him about it.

When I was meant to be focusing on my vanilla novel, I covertly started writing this book instead.

Even now, my notepad is full of scene ideas and chapter breakdowns for future spanking books while my (nearly bloody finished!!) vanilla novel is just sat on my computer glaring at me and going 'wtf?!'.

So you see what I'm basically saying is this: it's all the kindle's fault.

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