Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The F Word


No, not that word (although I love that word!): I'm talking about the other F word.


People talk about it a lot. It's a very interesting word. It makes some people very angry* and other people (like me) feel very happy, as it means we can have freedom and jobs and our own money and, y'know, all that good stuff.

When Mr M (or anyone else for that matter), spanks me (or chokes me or slaps me or calls me a stupid fucking whore or ties me up or... wait, what were we talking about again...?), then my inner feminist doesn't weep or indeed complain in any way. She is happy because I have found lovely people to explore my deepest, trembliest desires with. She is content in the knowledge that all of the spanking, choking, fucking, tying, slapping, etc, etc has been fully discussed and agreed upon beforehand. And she knows that - outside of play - Mr M would no sooner slap me across the face than he would put his own balls in a blender.

So, if you're a woman who enjoys being spanked but worries that it means you're not a 'real' feminist: you're fine, really. Feminism and lovely, consensual BDSM can very happily live together. I mean, they totally do in my brain and in the brains of many lovely kinky feminists I know.

So... yeah. Woo :-).

* Even little old mostly-keeps-her-opinions-to-herself me has been called a 'Feminazi' (yeah, that's totally a word now: it's even made it to the UK) and I have seen feminism described as 'a cancer' (because equal rights for women is like totally the same as a life-threatening disease...)

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